Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm canker sore free!!!

I've had a canker sore for over a week now. What is a canker sore? Those of you who don't know are so lucky. I think they look like zits, and they happen inside the mouth/throat. They can be anything from a minor irritation that's around for less than a day, to super painful and last for what feels like ages.

The canker sore I've had was one of those super painful ones, and it lasted for roughly nine days. Where was it? In my throat. Talk about ouch. So, every time I swallowed was quite painful.  Oh yeah, and did I mention chocolate? Well, it turns out that chocolate only aggravates canker sores. So, not only was it painful to swallow, but I couldn't even have a little chocolate!

The canker sore started going away last evening, and I woke this morning to find that it find it had all but disappeared. So, I decided to celebrate by having something with chocolate for breakfast. I don't have a name for what I ate, but regardless, I thought I'd share the recipe. :)

Nameless pancake recipe

2 plain pancakes
1 small handful of chocolate chips
whip cream


1) Heat pancakes, according to instructions that come with them
2) Put chocolate chips between and on top of pancakes
3) Cook in microwave oven on 80% for about 15 seconds, or until chocolate chips begin to melt
4) Top off with whip cream
5) Enjoy!

Note: I drink a cup of milk whenever I eat this, to make sure that I also get protein in me.

Tuesday, December 30, 2008


No, I'm not talking about the countdown until the new year. I'm talking about the countdown until the new school term. Believe it or not I'm actually looking forward to it. I can only handle so much vacation time between terms, and then I start going crazy. Of course, I start going crazy again about halfway through the term...but this isn't halfway through the term, so I can conveniently forget about that for now. :P

I've signed up for some pretty fun classes next term. I'll be taking creative writing (poetry), anthropology (Shamanism), English (fiction), and beginning guitar. They all look like good fun classes, so luckily I'm not dreading anything - yet. And, I've taken a class from my English professor, so I already know how he works and stuff. It's nice to have a professor you're already familiar with. 

Monday, December 29, 2008


One of the classes I took last term was Bible as literature. I'd never read the Bible before, except for little snippets, so it was something quite new for me. Partway through the term I was regretting that I hadn't read the Bible before. No, I'm not a Christian (in fact, I'm Pagan), but that doesn't change the fact that I found it fascinating.

Of particular interest was Book of Esther. I don't know why - it just grabbed me, from the first time I read it. And who is my favorite character? You'll never guess. Oh wait, yeah you will, since her name is the title of this post. Vashti. Remember her? She's the first queen, who only makes an appearance in the first chapter.  (FYI, you can take a look at the first chapter, and more,  here.) Why her, you might ask. She's scarcely in the story. But thing is, that's part of why she captures my imagination. There's so little known about her.

And there's that big question: why did she not obey her king, and make an appearance when he commanded her to do so? Well, I've had fun brainstorming ideas. Let's see...

1) She was PMS-al, and didn't give a dang what he wanted.

2) She was having a bad hair day, and either
a) couldn't bear the thought of appearing before everyone with lousy hair.
b) didn't want to shame her king when he wanted to show off her beauty.

3) She was exhausted from overseeing that a feast was prepared for the ladies, and was simply too tired to put in an appearance.

4) She was sick and tired of being at his beck and call, and decided to make him send her away by disobeying him.

These are four of my favorite theories. But of course, we likely will never know for certain why she refused to answer her king's summons. As my English professor drummed into my head last term, the Bible is "fraught with background."

Cat sitting

Someone I know is out of town and has asked me to look after his cat Saturday, Sunday, and today. Also, I'll be bringing in the mail, and newspaper. But mainly, I'm there for the cat, Boris.

So, how did day one go? Well, let's see. First thing I did was feed Boris. I gave him his dry food, and then I gave him half a can of wet food. He wasn't showing interest in me until I started fixing the wet food. Then he suddenly took plenty of interest in me. And then when I put the bowl of wet food down for him, he turned around and walked off to another room - the same room where his dry food is. I can take a hint. So I put his wet food in what I now think of as "Boris' food room," and he was delighted.

I then discovered that he'd thrown up before I had arrived. Oh, joy. Well, I have cats of my own (or cats who own me) so I'm not quite a stranger to dealing with cat barf. So, I dealt with it, and then went out to get the mail and newspaper. 

By the time I was finished with those chores Boris was finished with his wet food, and was nowhere to be found. I decided that when he wanted attention he'd let me know. I'd been given permission to get on the computer, so I decided to get online. Well, guess what? Just as soon as I got the computer up, Boris made an appearance. I decided that I couldn't exactly pet him while hanging out online, so I turned the computer off. Let's see, just as it finally finished turning off, Boris lost interest in getting petted. He decided to let me know he didn't want petting anymore by jumping out of my lap, and onto the computer table. With my cats, that usually doesn't mean they don't want petting anymore, so I continued petting him. What did he do? He turned around and hissed.

You know, you've gotta really love cats to not strangle them.

I decided that I wasn't so interested in the computer after all (after all, Boris would likely only want petting again, just as soon as the computer was turned back on) so I curled up with a book I'd brought with me: "Rendezvous with Rama," by Arthur C. Clarke.

Boris came to me for petting a few more times, during which I made the discovery that I am not allowed to pet or scratch him on the head. No, he didn't bite or hiss to teach me that lesson; he simply left me whenever I petted or scratched him on the head.

Nothing much to report the second day. We'll see how things go today.

He really is a nice cat. :)

Sunday, December 28, 2008

A vegetarian at a potluck

As some of you may or may not know, I'm a vegetarian....a really really strict vegetarian. Really strict as in, I don't eat some chesses since they're made with rennet, which  in case you don't know, is the lining of a cows (specifically, a baby cow's) stomach. And if I'm not sure of the "pedigree" of the cheese, I don't give it the benefit of the doubt. I also don't eat gelatin, which is found in marshmallows.

So anyways - potlucks. Yes, we get to this time of year and there are parties, and of course a good way to deal with food at parties is to do it potluck style! Back when I was an omnivore I didn't blink an eye at that, but now that I'm vegetarian, it's different. Particularly since I'm a really 
really strict vegetarian, it's different.

And oh, the joys combining really really strict vegetarianism with potlucks! I get to look at things, and ask questions like "Now what is this?" and "What brand of cheese did you use in making that lasagna?" And no, the simple question "Is this vegetarian?" doesn't work, since many people don't know about the rennet in the cheese, about the gelatin in marshmallows, and other little details like that. True, some vegetarians have no problem with eating rennet and gelatin and those "other little details," but I'm not one of those vegetarians. I've got nothing against them, I'm just not one of them.

Still, I don't go hungry. I've learned the trick of eating 
just enough before hand that if I can hardly eat anything I won't starve, while still eating just little enough that I can still eat plenty at the potluck. Deserts are mostly vegetarian, though, so I have at least once found myself eating almost entirely deserts. (The particular time I have in mind I got on a sugar high, by the way, and it was the night before a final exam...but that's another story!) So I enjoy the brownies, the pies, the cakes...yummy. *licks lips*

So I guess the moral of the story is that if you want an excuse to stick to deserts at potlucks, go really 
really strict vegetarian!!! :P