Wednesday, December 31, 2008

I'm canker sore free!!!

I've had a canker sore for over a week now. What is a canker sore? Those of you who don't know are so lucky. I think they look like zits, and they happen inside the mouth/throat. They can be anything from a minor irritation that's around for less than a day, to super painful and last for what feels like ages.

The canker sore I've had was one of those super painful ones, and it lasted for roughly nine days. Where was it? In my throat. Talk about ouch. So, every time I swallowed was quite painful.  Oh yeah, and did I mention chocolate? Well, it turns out that chocolate only aggravates canker sores. So, not only was it painful to swallow, but I couldn't even have a little chocolate!

The canker sore started going away last evening, and I woke this morning to find that it find it had all but disappeared. So, I decided to celebrate by having something with chocolate for breakfast. I don't have a name for what I ate, but regardless, I thought I'd share the recipe. :)

Nameless pancake recipe

2 plain pancakes
1 small handful of chocolate chips
whip cream


1) Heat pancakes, according to instructions that come with them
2) Put chocolate chips between and on top of pancakes
3) Cook in microwave oven on 80% for about 15 seconds, or until chocolate chips begin to melt
4) Top off with whip cream
5) Enjoy!

Note: I drink a cup of milk whenever I eat this, to make sure that I also get protein in me.

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