Monday, December 29, 2008

Cat sitting

Someone I know is out of town and has asked me to look after his cat Saturday, Sunday, and today. Also, I'll be bringing in the mail, and newspaper. But mainly, I'm there for the cat, Boris.

So, how did day one go? Well, let's see. First thing I did was feed Boris. I gave him his dry food, and then I gave him half a can of wet food. He wasn't showing interest in me until I started fixing the wet food. Then he suddenly took plenty of interest in me. And then when I put the bowl of wet food down for him, he turned around and walked off to another room - the same room where his dry food is. I can take a hint. So I put his wet food in what I now think of as "Boris' food room," and he was delighted.

I then discovered that he'd thrown up before I had arrived. Oh, joy. Well, I have cats of my own (or cats who own me) so I'm not quite a stranger to dealing with cat barf. So, I dealt with it, and then went out to get the mail and newspaper. 

By the time I was finished with those chores Boris was finished with his wet food, and was nowhere to be found. I decided that when he wanted attention he'd let me know. I'd been given permission to get on the computer, so I decided to get online. Well, guess what? Just as soon as I got the computer up, Boris made an appearance. I decided that I couldn't exactly pet him while hanging out online, so I turned the computer off. Let's see, just as it finally finished turning off, Boris lost interest in getting petted. He decided to let me know he didn't want petting anymore by jumping out of my lap, and onto the computer table. With my cats, that usually doesn't mean they don't want petting anymore, so I continued petting him. What did he do? He turned around and hissed.

You know, you've gotta really love cats to not strangle them.

I decided that I wasn't so interested in the computer after all (after all, Boris would likely only want petting again, just as soon as the computer was turned back on) so I curled up with a book I'd brought with me: "Rendezvous with Rama," by Arthur C. Clarke.

Boris came to me for petting a few more times, during which I made the discovery that I am not allowed to pet or scratch him on the head. No, he didn't bite or hiss to teach me that lesson; he simply left me whenever I petted or scratched him on the head.

Nothing much to report the second day. We'll see how things go today.

He really is a nice cat. :)

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