Sunday, December 28, 2008

A vegetarian at a potluck

As some of you may or may not know, I'm a vegetarian....a really really strict vegetarian. Really strict as in, I don't eat some chesses since they're made with rennet, which  in case you don't know, is the lining of a cows (specifically, a baby cow's) stomach. And if I'm not sure of the "pedigree" of the cheese, I don't give it the benefit of the doubt. I also don't eat gelatin, which is found in marshmallows.

So anyways - potlucks. Yes, we get to this time of year and there are parties, and of course a good way to deal with food at parties is to do it potluck style! Back when I was an omnivore I didn't blink an eye at that, but now that I'm vegetarian, it's different. Particularly since I'm a really 
really strict vegetarian, it's different.

And oh, the joys combining really really strict vegetarianism with potlucks! I get to look at things, and ask questions like "Now what is this?" and "What brand of cheese did you use in making that lasagna?" And no, the simple question "Is this vegetarian?" doesn't work, since many people don't know about the rennet in the cheese, about the gelatin in marshmallows, and other little details like that. True, some vegetarians have no problem with eating rennet and gelatin and those "other little details," but I'm not one of those vegetarians. I've got nothing against them, I'm just not one of them.

Still, I don't go hungry. I've learned the trick of eating 
just enough before hand that if I can hardly eat anything I won't starve, while still eating just little enough that I can still eat plenty at the potluck. Deserts are mostly vegetarian, though, so I have at least once found myself eating almost entirely deserts. (The particular time I have in mind I got on a sugar high, by the way, and it was the night before a final exam...but that's another story!) So I enjoy the brownies, the pies, the cakes...yummy. *licks lips*

So I guess the moral of the story is that if you want an excuse to stick to deserts at potlucks, go really 
really strict vegetarian!!! :P

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