Thursday, January 15, 2009

An ADHD moment

I had to write something for my shamanism class. Well, I was sort of feeling out of my depth, not to mention personal - I mean, in the assignment I wound up talking about my animal guide! Anyways, so I wound up getting my mom's help. No, that wasn't the ADHD moment. The ADHD moment came while mom was helping me.

First I got her to read it. Then she said "Ok, may I see the assignment?" Duh, she needed to see what the assignment actually was in order to help me. So, I showed it to her. While she was going through it the second time was when I had my ADHD moment.

Ok, I've got to explain the set up of the room we're in. Mom and I share a computer, and Tall One's computer is next to ours. Of course, mom was at the computer we share. I had originally been walking in circles, due to excess energy. But by now, I was sitting on Tall One's computer chair.

Tall One's computer chair - it's one of those that you can swivel in. So, I was going in circles and circles and circles...extending and pulling in and extending my arms, to go slower and faster and slower again...eventually mom asked "Do you want me to do this?" "Oh, sorry, do I need stay still?" I asked in return. She said that I didn't need to stay totally still, but that I did need to stop what I was doing.

And why was I doing this? ADHD.

Wonderful ADHD moments. :P Poor mom.

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