Saturday, January 24, 2009


Last night I was chatting on IM with someone I know. Suddenly, out of the blue, she said "I hope the new medication I'm taking will help with my anxiety soon." I hadn't even known she had anxiety problems. Turns out she's had trouble with it for years, and it's recently gotten way worse. She only realized about a month ago that she could actually get treatment for anxiety.

Anxiety. It's something I know about - firsthand. I've had it my entire life, on and off. Sometimes I've scarcely had it, other times it's been unbelievably bad. I've talked with a few other people who've had big problems with anxiety, and each time their experience with anxiety has been very different from mine, with totally different things triggering it. Nonetheless, it's anxiety, and it's downright nasty.

In my case I mostly get anxiety attacks at night, and only occasionally have anxiety during the day. It would get so bad at times that I was literally afraid to turn off my bedroom light when going to bed. Sometimes I wound up sleeping on the floor of my parents bedroom. No, I'm not only talking about times when I was little; I'm also talking about when I was, like, 17 and 18. I hated sleeping in my parents room, but at times the anxiety was so bad that I preferred that to facing the anxiety.

Really, going to a doctor can help. I was amazed that anyone might not realize that, and so I decided to blog about it. Even if you can't afford to go to a doctor, there are herbal remedies out there that can help. (Note: I find that not all brands of herbal stuff are created equal - if one brand doesn't help you, you might get better results with another brand of the same thing.) I've been on the particular medication I'm on now for about a year, and my anxiety has been pretty darn minimal, and mostly nonexistent. That's pretty nice, considering how bad it used to be.

There is help out there, for those who have problems with anxiety.

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