Sunday, January 11, 2009


I was wondering what to write about in my blog today. I happened to glance out at the back porch - and there was my answer.

My family has turned our backyard into a bird sanctuary. We have two suet feeders, a hanging bird feeder that has seed in it, one hummingbird feeder, and we put food out on the ground. I can see some of the feeders from where I sit at the computer. I'll mention some of the birds we get, but to talk about all of them would take longer than I'd like.

As I started writing this there was a swarm of kinglets. Usually when I see one, I see a ton of them. They love the suet feeders. In fact, I haven't seen them eating anything other than suet in our yard. Also common are dark eyed juncos. They are wonderful to watch, though aren't quite as cute as the kinglets. They eat at the hanging food feeders, and on the ground.

The northern flicker is one of my favorites, though we don't see them around too much. When I do see them, they're at the suet feeder. They are just so elegant! There's also the downy woodpecker. As I write I can see one eating at the suet feeder. They aren't nearly so elegant as the flickers, but they're cute. Like the flickers, they aren't around often.

We also get a few hummingbirds. I would say specifically what kinds, but I haven't identified exactly which species we get yet. All I can say for sure is that we get at least two different kinds.

And of course, how can I talk about our birds without also mentioning the squirrels? :P We mostly get Douglas squirrels, but we also get a few of the shyer red fox squirrels. They only eat the food that we put out on the ground - not that they haven't tried to get to the hanging feeders! It just happens that our setup works so that they can't really get to the feeders.

During the summer we didn't get so many of our feathery (and furry) friends in our yard. But now that it's winter we're seeing them a lot again. Nice to know that we're good for something! :)

Edit: I accidentally said that we get gray squirrels in our yard, but it's actually Douglas squirrels. Whoops! We do have gray squirrels in the area, but they don't tend to show up in our yard. My mom was reading the blog, and pointed out the mistake.

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