Sunday, January 25, 2009

Tent poles

I've been sick, so naturally I haven't been doing much, with the result I don't have much to blog about. So, I guess I'll blog about a camping trip that happened a few years back. This particular camping trip we went up to the Columbia river gorge for one night. As usual, it was only mom, Tall One, and myself. Dad has medical problems that prevent him from getting out much. 

I don't remember the name of the camp grounds we went to. I do remember that there was a rail road right by it, and there was a small island in the river that had been a burial place for Native Americans. By way of some trails we were able to get down to the river and wade around a little. There was a playground with a swing set, and a meadow. It was beautiful, and windy. It was RV or tent camping only. My family doesn't have an RV, so of course we brought the tent. Yep, we brought the tent sure enough - it was the tent poles that we forgot to bring.

You know, it's sort of hard to tent camp when you haven't got the tent poles.

This was only an hour, maybe two hours tops, from home. We could have gone back, but we didn't. The sleeping arrangement that we finally settled on for that night was Tall One slept in the car, and mom and I slept under a tree. The tree really creaked and stuff; mom started calling it Old Man Willow (I think it may even have been a willow), and saying it was going it eat us.

That's how we started off the night. I know that the sleeping arrangements changed, but I can't remember if Tall One joined us under the tree, or if one of us moved our sleeping bag into the car with him.

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