Monday, January 19, 2009

Dad's birthday

Dad's birthday was yesterday.

I always find it so hard to figure out what to get him! So as usual, I went with mom's idea. This year, it happened to be a DVD full of games that you can load on your computer. He liked it. :) It was a family gift to him. Mom also renewed his subscription to the National Geographic magazine.

Instead of a cake he had a homemade lemon custard pie. I think it was a joint effort between Tall One and mom, with Tall One doing most of the work. It was oh so yummy. Is oh so yummy, I should say - there's still some of it left.

No one put candles on the "cake," however. When I commented, Tall One (or was it mom?) said that they didn't want to ruin how nice the pie looked. Well, can't we do a candle someplace other than the pie? But no one asked me, so whatever. The lack of candles didn't stop dad from "blowing the candles out," and he said that he blew them all out on the first try. I pointed out that the candles he blew out were imaginary, but he didn't seem to care.

I'd say it was a good birthday. :)

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