Monday, January 5, 2009

First day of school

Well, it's partway through my first day back to school this term - and Tall One's day at the college is all already done. Yep, Tall One is also taking courses at the same community college as me this term. :) I showed him around campus today and helped him find his classroom. I'm afraid I may have been mothering him a little more than he really liked, though. "Do you have your books?" "Have you fixed a lunch?" I couldn't help it! He survived my attentions, though.

I've been through one class, and have another left to go today. The class I already had is English - fiction. As I said in another post it's with the English professor I had last term, so I already know him. Even so, I was quite surprised that he brought a Dr. Seuss book with him to our very first class. He read us "The Sneetches." You know, it's really amazing the things that are in Dr. Seuss' stories! They're really simple, and yet they can deal with really huge issues. There were a few issues that were pointed out in "The Sneetches," but what really stood out to me in that story is that it handled racism. It never used that word - but it still dealt with it. When I pointed that out, the professor pointed out the year it was published; 1961. Hmm...

So now that I'm through with that, I only have guitar left today...and about an hour and a half to deal with before then. Well, I've got a computer here, and I've already got homework, so filling up that time shouldn't be a problem!

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