Saturday, January 10, 2009

Hip length hair and no highlights

Last Saturday I went to a hair place, and said I'd like to get my hair highlighted. When they asked how long my hair is, they got the answer that it's hip length. They said that it wouldn't work for them to do it then and there, but that I could come back another time to get it done.

Well, it was finally convenient for both them and me to get it done today. So I went in, and told them again how long my hair is. And what did they tell me? They don't have the stuff to highlight hair as long as mine!

...and why didn't they tell me this sorta important little detail before?

I asked if they could recommend a place that can highlight hair as long as mine. They couldn't. They also told me that my hair is so lovely that it doesn't need highlighting. I know it's lovely, but I'm tired if it being the same thing all the time! I want something different! And believe me, I have really thought long and hard on it before deciding that I'm willing to do permanent dye to it.

Now I'm home, sipping coffee, writing this blog, and without highlights in my hair. Instead, when I got home, I used some hair glitter stuff on it. I wanted to do something to it.

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