Friday, January 2, 2009

Imagine snow

I awoke this morning to find a dusting of snow upon the ground.

Ok, so it wasn't exactly a dusting of snow, but "a dusting of snow" sounds more poetic than "roughly an inch of snow." :P

Anyways, I was quite surprised. Snow hadn't been in the forecast - not that that necessarily  means anything, around here. The weathermen are wrong as often as they're right, when giving the forecast for the Portland area. Apparently they're better about predicting weather in other parts of the country, but I've only got that second hand. 

After the huge snow and ice storm we had last month, which I hope will get named "Enough Snow Already!", I was a little worried at seeing snow on the ground. Luckily, it doesn't seem to have created any more problems than at least one person arriving late at the library where I volunteer, some bus routes being on chains, and one bus route being on its snow route. I'm sure there are plenty other problems, but hopefully they're no worse than those I've listed here.

I was thinking, though...imagine if we get a bunch more snow, and it wound up with the first day back to school being a snow day. I personally am not hoping for that, since I'm looking forward to classes starting again, but I do know some school kids are hoping it'll happen - and I'd guess that includes some of my fellow college kids, too.

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