Friday, January 30, 2009

Janitorial duties

I'm still sick, nothing much is going on, so what should I write about? Let's see...maybe my time spent as a janitor?

During the summer my local library hired me as a janitor. Their main janitor had to take off for a while, because of an injury, so they needed another person to help with janitorial stuff while he was gone. So, I got hired. There were some things I really liked about the job. I already knew the place, already knew plenty of the people, already knew my boss, and so I was pretty comfortable and happy with the place and people to begin with, which was a definite perk to the job. But best of all was this - I got a key to the library! Whoopee! :) That was too cool. No, I never abused it. But simply the fact that I could let myself in before hours was cool, even if it was only to take out the trash, vacuum, clean toilets...

There are some things that stand out in my memory from my time as janitor. One of them was when someone spit gum onto the carpet. Seriously. Who does that kind of thing?? So I had to freeze it with some special stuff and then pry it out of the carpet. Real fun. (Please note the sarcasm.) That happened twice. Why couldn't they have just spit it in a trash can? That wouldn't have added to my work, and it would have given me extra time to clean toilets or whatever! But no, they had to spit it on the carpet, and create extra work for me. As though janitors don't have enough work already.

Then there was one place where a potted plant was right next to a trash can. Well, some people seemed to have trouble telling the two apart, which led to me picking bits of trash out of the poor plant's pot. Someone should have their eyes checked. Luckily there was some rearranging, and last time I checked the plant and trash are no longer right next to each other. I'm sure the plant appreciates the change.

Then there was also the joy of dodging fellow employees while trying to vacuum. lol Mostly it wasn't a problem, but it sometimes was. There were a few particular rooms, upstairs, that wind up with a lot of activity very quickly in the mornings. I learned that if I intended to vacuum those rooms without getting in people's way and without people getting in my way, I had to do it first thing. Now whenever I'm someplace and I see janitors having to dodge people, the poor janitors really have my sympathies. At least I was doing my stuff before hours, when I only had staff and volunteers to dodge and be dodged by.

Anyways, I was on the job for about a month, until the main janitor came back. I'm still on call, though, so I might wind up cleaning the toilets at the library again. Oh...and I still have the key. :D

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