Saturday, January 3, 2009

The naming of cats is a difficult matter

Naming a cat really can be difficult. It took a little time before dad settled on naming his cat Saphira, after a dragon in the "Inheritance" cycle by Christopher Paolini. (Great books!) Over the last few years, though, Saphira's picked up quite a few nick names.

Two of her nick names are variations on "Saphira." There's Saffy, which is what dad usually calls her, and the more dignified Saphere, which is what I tend to call her.

When she was still a kitten she tended to run as fast as she could, without really looking where she was going. That resulted in her banging her head into quite a few walls, assorted other objects, and us jokingly calling her Grace. Dad also came up with the nick name Teeth an' Claws. Yep, that's one name there, not two.

Two of her nick names are based on her breed - Siamese. Because of her points, she's picked up the nick name Dirty Face. And because of her loud voice, and the fact that she tends to let the world know when dad leaves the house, Tall One just moments ago gave her the new nick name; Loud Mouth.

So that' names all together. As difficult as Eliot says it is to name cats, I guess Saphira is lucky to have a total of seven of them!

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