Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Poetry class

I dropped the poetry class. I have some strong disagreements with the professor. Yeah, I know you can learn valuable stuff from people you disagree with. But in this case, I'd rather just drop the class. As for what the two major things are that I disagree with the professor on:

1) He says that good poetry is written for adults, and that children aren't interested in it anyways.

2) He says that poets aren't noted for being academic, and that you shouldn't really look for symbols in the poems. For example, if there's this poem all about snakes, it must be literally about snakes, even if the poem actually only makes sense when the snakes are taken to represent something else.

I know for a fact that children can enjoy good poetry, and that poets use things as metaphors. For example, snakes can be a metaphor for the devil, sexuality, and immortality, among other things. The particular snake poem we discussed doesn't make sense if you took the snakes in it to be literal animals; but it does make sense if you take the snakes to be a metaphor for pretty much anything that snakes can be metaphors for. By the way, I found the link I've provided here in mere moments. If you look around for more than mere moments, I'm sure you can find much more info.

So, the bottom line is, I've dropped the course. :( Now I'll have to find other things to fill up my time. Maybe I'll spend Tuesday and Thursday mornings volunteering at my local library, since I won't be going to school on those days anymore. Hey - I had to stop doing Friday mornings and Monday evenings, since those conflict with other classes this term. So, why not dedicate these two new free mornings to volunteer work? :)

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