Sunday, January 4, 2009

Putting up the Christyule stuff

Ok, so Christyule is a word of my own invention. We've got Pagans and Christians in my immediate family, and some things - the tree for example - works into both beliefs in the holidays. Well, it doesn't feel right to call the tree a Christmas tree when it's also a Yule tree, and vice versa. And just calling it a holiday tree feels too weird, when it's in our own home. So, I came up with my own name for the stuff that is both Pagan and Christian: Christyule!

With the holiday season pretty much past, we've put up the Christyule stuff today. I had wanted to deal with it tomorrow, on the Epiphany. But as mom pointed out that's the first day of school, and I really will not feel like helping out then. So, we went with mom's suggestion of doing it today.

We had a little fun getting the boxes and stuff into the attic. Mom was on the floor handing things to me, and I was halfway up the ladder handing things the rest of the way up to Tall One, who was in the attic. Well, mom handed me a light up penguin to hand to Tall One, but he was too busy getting something else situated to take it. So I made the penguin wave at him, which he said just looked weird. He was taking long enough that I handed the penguin back down to mom, and she started singing "Harvest Moon" and dancing with the penguin.

I would say that that's quite a way to wrap up the holidays, except that they aren't quite over; we've got the Epiphany tomorrow. We have a little family tradition that we'll put out shoes on the table tonight, and then tomorrow morning someone (mom, likely) will have put little presents in them.

So, I guess I'll say that it's quite a way to almost wrap up the holidays! :)

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