Thursday, January 15, 2009

Tall One

As I've said before, Tall One is taking a class at PCC this term.

Once I knew which math class he wanted to take, I got online, looked at the class schedule, and discovered that a professor I know and love is teaching it. I told him, "You've got to take it from this professor. She's good." So, he signed up to take the class from her.

By the way, Tall One and this professor had actually met before. It's one of those "it's a small world" type of things. Her daughter and Tall One take piano lessons from the same person. We made this discovery when I went to Tall One's piano recital last spring and we ran into each other! Quite surprising, lemme tell ya.

When I was in this professor's class I was one of the top students. So she told my brother "If you have trouble, just ask your sister for help. She's good." What Tall One didn't tell her, and I think he should have, is that I went to him for help while I was taking math from her! lol There were some things that he couldn't help me on, but there were other things that he was a great help on. He's just good at figuring things out.

I'll be happy to help him if he needs it, but I suspect he won't be coming to me for much help.

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