Thursday, January 8, 2009

The Thermos

My mom likes ice tea. There was a particular time, several years ago, that she wanted me to make her ice tea so that she could take it with her to work. I figured it would be a good idea to put it in a thermos. I used my mom's thermos, which happened to be made of glass on the inside.

The thing about ice tea, is that it sorta needs the ice. So, I dropped an ice cube into the thermos. Talk about a mistake. BAM The thermos broke. My first thought? Was it "Oops"? Not in the least. It was "Whoa! What a way cool noise! Totally awesome!!!" Then, I thought "Oops, I guess I'll have to buy mom a new thermos."

The reason I'm telling this story? As homework for my creative writing class, I wrote a poem that tells this story. Ok, so it didn't tell the story exactly as it happened. In the poem I'm making the ice tea for myself. At first I did try to write that I was making the tea for my mom, but it just came out awkward. But, who I'm making it for is a minor detail. :P The real bit of the story is that I break the thermos, and in particular who the thermos belongs to. Oh, and also my immediate reaction being "Cool!" rather than "Oops" is sort of an important detail.

I actually didn't have to buy mom a new thermos. But, that's another little thing that I figured the poem would be better off without. ;)

Hey, since when does poetry have to tell things exactly as they happened, and provide every little detail about everything?

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