Wednesday, January 7, 2009

"Yeah, I'm Pagan"

I've just got to share something that happened last night.

Someone I've known for a few years asked "So, did you have a good Christmas?" "Yep," I answered, and added "I also had a good Yule."

She looked blank at the word "Yule." So I explained, "That's the solstice." She still looked blank, so I explained further; "I'm Pagan, so I also celebrate the solstice."

There was a pause. Then she said "You're not Pagan." Pause. I answered "Yeah, I am." Another pause. "You are?" "Yeah." Pause. She asked, "So, you're not Christian?" That question surprised me, and I said ", but I've got Christians in my family, so I also celebrate Christmas." There was yet another pause.

"Oh whatever!" She exclaimed. "I love you anyways!"

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