Saturday, February 28, 2009

The Goddesses in my Life

Some deities are confusing me. Here's how it goes:

Last spring Brighid sprang into my life. It took me a while to figure out who she was, and I had to look around at the different goddesses in various pantheons before I figured it out. After a few weeks I found a description of Her, and my search was at an end. Then, Danu also stepped into my life. She was a little subtler, though; I'm not even sure which of us took a liking to the other first. In the last month she's taken a larger role in my life, and I am now giving offerings to her, in the form of cut up veggies (they have to be ones I love, like potatoes or onions) placed in the compost pile.

Brighid and Danu are Irish goddesses. Well, I know I have Scottish heritage, and if you've got Scottish heritage you're likely to also have Irish heritage, so it's not surprising that Danu's taken an interest in me - I think she's taken to me partially because of my heritage. Brighid, on the other hand...I think she loves everyone, and couldn't care less about my heritage.

So, I figured that I was settling down nicely into Celtic stuff. I figured I was something along the lines of a Celtic Reconstructionist, but I haven't called myself by that name because although I'm into Celtic stuff (the afore mentioned goddesses, bagpipe music, Irish dance, ect.) I haven't really made a point of doing research into it. Well, some might have called me a Celtic Recon anyways. I dunno.

Then, yesterday something quite surprising happened while I was journeying during my Shamanism class: I met Pele. She is the Hawai'ian volcano goddess, and unless I am quite mistaken, she has nothing whatsoever to do with the Celts. She also seems to be planning to stay in my life. My first response to that was "But I don't have Hawai'ian heritage! What's going on???" But then I got thinking...I'll write more when I figure out how to put the general way my thoughts are going down in words.

You know, I have nothing against Eclectic Pagans, but I never expected to be one. I wouldn't have chosen to be one, either. But, the decision seems to have been made for me, and I'm not about to get into an argument with Pele over it.

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