Wednesday, February 25, 2009

My day thus far

Well, today I sort of found out what's going on with my absent English professor. He's finally got a diagnoses, is undergoing treatment, presumably will be fine...but he won't be back teaching classes until summer term. Ouch. Poor guy. So we're going to finish out this term in English with our substitute. We'll still be following the syllabus and stuff, though.

Not much exciting has happened today. I'm still sick, but am feeling better, which is nice. I did stay home from Aikido last night. :( I wanted to go, but I figured that getting thrown on the mat would be counter productive to getting well quickly.

I started reading "Twilight" by Stephenie Meyer today. I've heard all about it from the flair application on facebook. Anyone who's familiar with flair will be rolling their eyes like "Oh yeah, it's crazy." Seriously - there's a ton of flair devoted to "Twilight." I already have an idea about how the plot goes based entirely on the flair I've seen.

For anyone wondering what flair is, it's basically virtual...stickers. "Stickers" isn't the word I was looking for, but it's close enough, I guess.

So, what to do now? Maybe I'll hang out on facebook. Maybe I'll read "Twilight." Maybe I'll read that introduction I hadn't realized I was supposed to read for English today...

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