Sunday, February 1, 2009

Red Tailed Hawks and Bushtits

Last year we had red tailed hawks nesting about a block from our house, in a fir tree in some one's front yard. It was so cool when the youngsters started testing their wings.

Today I've noticed a red tailed hawk flying around, carrying stuff that I think s/he is using to make a nest. This bird was flying in the opposite direction from where the nest was last year, however. This strikes me as odd, because they usually nest in the same place year after year. But then, the key word there is "usually." Either they've decided to be unusual, or they haven't read the book on what they're supposed to do. 

On a different note, we realized today that we've got bushtits, not kinglets, in our yard. My mom described (apparently inaccurately) what the birds look like to an Audubon Society person, who told her they're kinglets. So mom told the rest of us they're kinglets, and we believed her.

I refrain from further comment about my dear mother.

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