Monday, February 9, 2009

Sweets and Songs

My English class is canceled today, because the professor is sick. I only found this out once I'd gotten to school. I didn't feel like turning around and taking the bus back home, then taking it back out here again later today for guitar, so I wound up with two extra hours at school that I need to figure out how to fill. I've mostly been studying, and playing guitar. Now I'm blogging. :)

My local library has an annual fundraising event, which donors are invited to. It's called Sweets and Songs, and it was last Saturday evening. My family donates, so mom, Tall One, and I were there. (Because of medical problems, dad can't really get out and go to things like this.) Oh, by the way, mom is also an employee there. This results in her helping to run things, and being her children, Tall One and I wind up helping out.

This year Tall One and I put candles out and about, Tall One lit them, and we both helped hand out raffle stuff. We're used to it. The raffle prizes are almost entirely flower bouquets. Tall One won one of them. :) I've won one (or two) in previous years, but none this year. That's fine, though. Our cats only try to eat them, anyways!

There was one interesting thing I noticed, during the fundraiser. I was glancing at some bookshelves, and I noticed a bunch of "Harry Potter" books. (Do I even need to bother giving the name of the author of those books? :P) I don't know why, but I counted them; I counted seven of them. I took another look, and they were all the same book in the series. Which book? The seventh one. So, we had seven of the seventh "Harry Potter" books together on the shelf! I thought it was an interesting...coincidence. Hmm...

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