Thursday, February 19, 2009

Working up the food chain

This morning I noticed a surprising number of robins in my backyard; I counted nine! Wow. And then I noticed a cat who was sticking its head through a hole under the fence. I chased it off, but a few minutes later it was back in the yard, and I watched as it crawled through the hole. 

I need to do something about that. Maybe I can plug it up with some dirt from the compost pile? Or perhaps I can find some large rock to block it with. We've already got rocks around that spot, so it's not like another rock there will be out of place.

We love our birdies, and we love our kitties. However, we keep our cats indoors, and do our best to make our backyard as bird friendly as possible. And, sometimes that means running off the neighborhood cats.

And anyways, it's not like this is the safest place for outdoor cats. We've got coyotes around here! They'll make a nice snack of a cat, given half a chance.

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