Tuesday, March 31, 2009


Have I mentioned before that I'm taking 18 credits this term? Well, I am, and it means this: I think I'll be trying to keep my posts briefer.

I take mass transit to and from school, and today I took the WES for the first time. Anyone familiar with our local mass transit knows that WES is brand new, and in fact it only became open to the public on February 2nd. (Why has that date stuck in my head? Why can't dates always stick in my head like that in history classes?) So, when I stepped on the WES today, my immediate impression was...new. Seriously. It smelled new. Really. Wow. It was a smooth ride, and I could definitely get used to riding it. I just hope the sound problem gets solved in - Wilsonville, is it? 

Thing is, the WES goes through a residential area, horn blazing, in the early hours of the morning. Naturally, the residents are not pleased. So there I was on the WES at like 8am, going by a neighborhood, with the horn blazing, and I couldn't help but feel so sorry for the residents. I mean, I'd read about the problem before, but now I've actually seen with my own eyes just how close the WES is to those houses. It's a problem, and it needs to be solved, though I don't know what the solution is.

Anyways, I should probably finish up this post about now, and get back to math homework. Agh. I am so not a fan of math, but oh well. So long as I actually know what I'm doing it isn't too bad. Now, if I'm stuck on something, then it gets nasty. So, hopefully I won't hit any problem spots that are bad this term!

Monday, March 30, 2009

First day back to school

Keeping this brief since I've got homework --

I had guitar and math today. I already knew my guitar professor, but hadn't known my math professor. The math professor seems strict but also seems reasonable, and I like him. Each person in the class actually has a computer at his/her desk, but we aren't allowed to use them during class. The professor has explained that if we're caught playing on them, he will kick that person out of the classroom. We're allowed to hang out on them during break or before class, though. :)

Ok, I should finish up about now...I'm just waiting for graphing paper to finish printing so I can do my math homework.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Pet peeve

I just got home a few minutes ago from mending books at the library. It's a volunteer position, and when I first found out about it I jumped up and down saying "Oh, I wanna do that, I wanna do that!" Well, ok. I don't remember if I exactly jumped up and down...but that's about how I felt about it. Really excited.

So, anyways. What's my pet peeve? My pet peeve is this: sometimes patrons try to mend books themselves. I figure they do it for one of two reasons. Either they want to help out, and figure that if they hurt the book they ought to be the one to fix it. Or perhaps they don't want to get in trouble, and hope that we don't notice the difference.

Believe me, in mending, we do notice the difference when patrons try to mend books themselves. And, we aren't happy when we find a patron "repair" job.

Don't get me wrong. We (or at least I) appreciate that patrons want to help. But, they usually cause more problems than they solve. Often enough we have to undo whatever the patron has done. Like, say, if they've taped a page back into a book. The special glue we have at the library works much better than the tape does, so we have to remove the page they've taped in, and then do our glue job, which will last longer than the tape will. Wouldn't it be much easier if we only have to do the glue job, without first having to deal with the tape the patron has used?

Maybe some libraries do appreciate patrons trying to do mending jobs. But, unless you know you go to a library like that, please, please, please, don't do mending jobs yourself. It'll only serve to annoy and irritated whoever is doing mending for the library.

Saturday, March 28, 2009


Never mind what I said about Easter being tomorrow...I somehow got things mixed up. I thought it was always in March, and this is the last weekend of March, so I figured it had to be tomorrow! Agh. Oh, whatever...


On one hand I cannot wait for break to be over. I want to meet my professors for next term, and know if I've got nut cases to deal with or if they're ok. Also, and I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want the homework. Seriously, once I get it, I won't be happy, but I actually miss it right now. Yeah, I'm weird. Whatever.

At the same time, I want break to last another week. I want more days of freedom, before I have to go back to my school schedule, and spending hours on homework.

Oh yeah, and guess what? Well, I added yet anther class to my schedule: Celtic Shamanism. That puts me at 18 credits. Seriously. I am nuts. And I will be a total nut case by the end of the term. But oh well. I'll survive. I want to say "I'll survive on coffee" but I've actually been attempting to avoid it (without too much success).

Tomorrow is Easter Sunday. My last day of freedom. Then...spring term begins.

In the meantime, I've heard back from Marylhurst University, and now I have my own MyMarylhurst account with them! Totally cool. I am so happy. =D

Friday, March 27, 2009

The library

How have I spent my spring break so far? Let's see...

Every weekday I have gotten up at 8am. At 9am (or shortly thereafter) I arrive at my local library, where I volunteered for two hours. Mostly I've pulled holds, but I also did some offloading whenever the holds were pulled and I still had some time left. After that I would go home, and often spend the time with my head stuck in a book. I am on my fourth book now, this week. :P

Yeah, not all that glamorous, but whatever. It's been fun. Well, except for getting up so early every day. But, I didn't want to sleep 'til noon every day this break, and I'm the kind of person who will sleep in to noon unless I have some place I've said I'll be. And, I like the library. So it seemed like a great place to spend my mornings.

Oh, and guess what I had the dubious delight of finding Monday morning? First of all, let me say this; I mend books, and have seen plenty of weird things that have been done to them. I've also seen the library's collection of horror books; these being books that are not necessarily scary stories, but books that are way past being salvageable, and are just in an unbelievable condition. But what I found on Monday morning? It took the cake.

Someone had smeared blood on the fly sheets. Seriously! They even wrote "blood" in blood, and then just in case no one could figure out what it was, they also used a marker to write "blood" and used an arrow indicating what they were talking about. Seriously, this is the most bizarre case I've ever seen. Luckily it'll be easily mended - the fly sheets can simply be torn out, and new fly sheets glued in. It's not even an unusual procedure, either. It's just routine. Just...it's not usually blood on the fly sheets that make the procedure necessary.

There's been more to my spring break than the library; I also went to a PCC bookstore with Tall One to get textbooks, have been to Aikido, will go watch Tall One get tested in Aikido tomorrow, have hung out on the computer, played with my camera...but the library and my books have been pretty central.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

I'm a published poet!

Guess what I got in the mail after I wrote my post on Monday? Six free copies of the April edition of Cricket - that's the edition the editor said my poem "Mehndi" would be published in. Oh, my gosh. I'm a published poet now!!!

It is so fantastic. This is my first publication, and it's in my all time favorite magazine. Oh, and guess what? Not only am I getting paid (which I understand is unusual) but I'm getting paid exactly $42. Not a penny more, not a penny less.

WARNING: Spoiler for "Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy" books by Douglas Adams. I figured it was only fair to give a warning.

Anyways, so those who are familiar with these books will know that the answer to life the universe and everything is 42, but that the question to that answer is unknown. Well, I believe I have found the question, and it is this: What happens when your first published poem appears in Cricket? OH MY GOSH....and I only caught on to how well the name of the magazine fits that question...LOL Oh my gosh...

Anyways. It's cool I'm getting paid, but it wouldn't be nearly so cool if it were like $42.99 or even a nice round $50.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Reflections on death

As I said in my last post, my grandmother died yesterday.

At first I thought it was ironic, because this is the start of spring. To a Pagan (such as myself) this means a time of rebirth, and new beginnings. And for Catholics (she was Catholic) it will be Easter Sunday in exactly seven days after her death, which is a time of resurrection. So, I thought, it odd for her to die just as we are getting to the time of year that is all about new beginnings.

Yet, her death isn't really an ending, is it? It is the beginning of something else. As to exactly what that something else is, I don't know; but I can speculate.

I believe one of a number of things can happen after a persons death. Reincarnation is one possibility. Another is that they hang around here, as a ghost. I also believe that they just might go on to another "dimension," for lack of a better word. I'm also sure there are more possibilities that I haven't mentioned here. All of these are new beginnings.

As for grandma's Catholic beliefs; well, she believed in heaven, where she would be united with Jesus. That's a new beginning. Hmm, and according to Catholic belief, she alternatively could end up in hell. That'd also be a new beginning, though not a very nice one. I myself don't believe in hell (hey - I'm Pagan!) but I do happen to believe in Jesus. He's a nice guy, and I like him. :) I wouldn't be surprised if she's somewhere chatting with him right now. Hmm, maybe I should talk to Jesus myself and see if he can give me any news about her...

I don't know where she will end up, or exactly what will happen to her, but whatever happens - this is a new beginning for her.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Spring break

Spring break is here! It's so nice to not have to deal with homework! ...of course, by the end of break, I'll be going crazy and wanting that homework. :P That's just the way I am, and the way things always go.

Today I headed over to the library to mend books. That's one of the things I do as a volunteer. Well, as I was going into the library, I ran into the woman who's in charge of volunteers in the circulation area. Long story short, I had asked if I could do some extra hours a few months back, but apparently communication got confused and it didn't happen. So, today, she took the opportunity of being face to face to me (rather than having to deal with e-mail) to ask me if I'd like to do more hours pulling holds or whatever. I said "Well, with my schedule next term, I really won't be able to. But, I'm free all this week..." She was quite delighted and told me that they could really use the help.

So, that'll give me something that'll force me to get up every morning. Seriously, if I don't have something to make me get up, I'll likely sleep in until noon.

Ok...seriously, as I'm writing this post, I just found out that my grandmother died this afternoon. Please, forgive any gramarical or spelling errors, becuase I really don't feel like checking them. I wasn't even close to her, she lived in the southern states while I'm in the northwest, she's been ready for death for a long time, we virtually never talked on the phone, but...it's strange, suddenly having one less grandparent alive.

Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ostara went pretty well yesterday. :)

Firstly I had to give a presentation for Shamanism class, telling about my term project. That went pretty well, and I enjoyed seeing what everyone else did, too. 

I've got to admit, I didn't want it to be over, so I hung around on campus a little afterwards. I got my textbooks for next term (ouch - nearly a hundred bucks, not even including the textbooks for my class on the other campus!) and had lunch. I got one of my favorites, potato salad, and ate it outside. After that I finally came home.

I was actually pretty tired, so after I got home I just sort of hang out on the computer and didn't do much. Finally I decided to bake a cake to celebrate Ostara. Well, actually, I decided to make brownies first, but then found out that we didn't have brownie mix. But, we did have mix for chocolate cake, so I decided to fix that instead. It's even better than brownies. Yum. :) Oh, and I topped it off with vanilla icing. We did have chocolate icing, but I felt like doing the vanilla icing instead. Talk about yummy.

Oh, and mom asked me to fix some rice. She gave me some instructions for how to fix it in the microwave, and she said she'd do some more stuff to it when she got home. Why did she tell me how to do it in the microwave? She figured the instructions would be foolproof. You see, I'm good at cooking certain things, but I've always managed to mess up rice. Don't ask me how, I just do. Well, I misinterpreted some of her instructions, and did something weird with the rice. lol Oh well. It was still edible, and perfectly yummy, regardless. 

Then we made a fire (what's a Sabbat without a fire?) and mom put on "Much Ado About Nothing." My favorite character is Beatrice, I gotta say. :P

Thursday, March 19, 2009


I know that some people wonder what the point of decaffeinated coffee is. Wonder no longer, for I will happily supply the answer!

It is for those of us who enjoy and even love coffee, but sometimes don't want the caffeine. 

Yummy decaf. :)

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

St. Pattie's Day and Manannán Mac Lir Day

Yes, it's Saint Patrick's Day. I myself don't particularly like the day, because Saint Patrick is celebrated for having driven the "snakes" out of Ireland. Oh, and, they're using "snakes" to refer to "Pagans."

Now, not everyone thinks about this as they celebrate St. Pattie's Day, which is why I don't go around angry with everyone. If people want to wear green, drink green beer, dye a river green, talk with fake Irish accents, and so on and so fourth, that's fine with me. I just can't bring myself to join in, because I can't get past what Saint Patrick is all about. Same goes for my my family.

Now, not all Pagans like me on this. I brought up the topic of St. Patties in a Pagan group I'm part of on facebook, and I got the overwhelming response that it's just a day to have fun and wear green, drink green beer, dye a river green, talk with fake Irish accents, and so on and so fourth.

But, I have found evidence that my family and I aren't the only ones who can't get into St. Pattie's Day.

I discovered that Thalia Took, author of Amused Grace blog, is celebrating Manannán Mac Lir Day today. (The picture is one of her's, by the way.) She apparently got the idea from Anne Johnson, author of my favorite blog, The Gods are Bored. Follow the link I've provided to Took's blog if you want a little more info.

I for one think it would be fantastic if people celebratted Manannán Mac Lir Day on March 17th. So, are there any more converts (in addition to me) who are all for this idea? :)

Simon and Garfunkel

As I type this I am listening to a Simon and Garfunkel CD. I love them.

I used to always listen to them, but then I got distracted and eventually forgot about them. Then Tall One starting singing "Scarborough Fair" today, and I joined in. Well, he was singing the Simon and Garfunkel version, and I was singing Sarah Brightman's version. lol Whoops. So, he decided to put Simon and Garfunkel's version of it on. 

Now, I'm hooked on their music...agian. :P

Monday, March 16, 2009

"I brake for squirrels"

You know what I think would be a great bumper sticker? "I brake for squirrels." I'd totally buy one! ...or rather, I'd persuade my parents to buy one and stick it on their car, since I don't have a car one of my own. 

I took mass transit to school today, as usual. At one point in a residential area the bus slowed and sort of swerved. Naturally I looked up to see what was going on - and saw that the cause of the maneuver was a squirrel. I like that bus driver. :D And I hope that squirrel learns not to run out in front of cars, because not all drivers as are as considerate of our little furry friends as that bus driver was today.

Now I'm sitting here looking at the word "squirrel." It looks so weird! But, I guess that if you stare at any word long enough it'll start looking weird.

Anyways, I finished up stuff for English class, and now I've only got Shamanism left to do. Oh, and I talked to the guitar professor and found out what my final grade is. It's one I really really really like, so I'm through with that this term; though of course I'll continue playing guitar throughout spring break. :)

Saturday, March 14, 2009


There isn't much to write about today.

I've had a heck of a headache. Or anyways, I've had it whenever I try to walk around. It doesn't really bother me while I'm sitting still, reading or whatever, but it turns into a pounder if I try to get up and do laundry or fix coffee. Mom thinks it's part of this bug that's going around. Oh, joy. 

Luckily it seems to have gone away mostly in the last hour, so I can get up and move around without much trouble. Oh, that probably means I should vacuum before it decides to return...

I don't think I have much left for school this term. There's the final project for English that I need to have done by Monday, and then the term project for Shamanism which I need to write a little paper on and then give my presentation on it this Friday.

Ok, I know I've talked about this before. It's just that I keep going over it in my head, so it feels natural to go over it again in my blog. lol

Friday, March 13, 2009

My Birthday Presents (My Precious...)

Yesterday was my birthday!!! :D It was pretty good. The piano got tuned, I had homemade carrot cake (with heavenly icing), I got a new pair of earrings from Tall One, and a new digital camera from my parents! The earrings are really nice silver leaves, from a shop I love. I love getting new earrings. They always make great presents for me. :)

I've been wanting a new digital camera for a while. You see, my old one broke last summer. :( Mom had gotten a new camera, so I got her old one. :) But it didn't like me, and I had trouble using it. :( So, I let it be known that I wanted a camera - a good one. Then I signed up for a digital photography class next term, and said "Ok, I'm taking this class, and I would really love to have a good camera for it! Oh, and my birthday's coming up. So, are you gonna get me one?" Yep, I got one. :)

I've been having fun with it. Seriously, I spent a half hour playing with it in my back yard this afternoon. I would've spent more time with it, but the batteries died. As I took photos I did a little gardening. Like, when Blackberry let me know that some of the bad leaves needed to come off, I took care of that. Some dead parts of the strawberry vines needed to be removed. I removed dead bits from another plant, that was just begging me for help. And I used dirt from the compost pile to block up a hole under the fence that some kitties have been using to sneak up on the birds we feed.

I also played with my camera during lunch break today. Usually I hang out in the classroom after I've finished lunch, but this time I wandered around campus, taking photos. Really, really fun. =D

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This, that, whatever

Well I figured out what's going on with guitar. If we find out that we didn't do so well on our test today, we can try it again next week, and try to raise our grade. If we're happy with the grade we've got, though, we can choose to not show up. Nice. :) Oh, the professor's going to e-mail us on how we did, of course.

My parents recently ordered a lap top for Tall One, and it came in today. Naturally, he was quite excited. When he got home from school the first thing he did was set it up. 

Well, that's that, pretty much. There's not much else that I feel like writing about. Well, ok, so I guess I could complain about the European starlings that have shown up and are running off our song birds again...but I doubt anyone really wants to hear me grip about that. :P

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


I have finished working on an essay for the evening, and I need to get to bed. Wanted to write something here, though, so here I am!

I have my guitar finals tomorrow. Yeah, finals week is next week not this week, but the guitar finals is this week. Whatever. Anyways, I don't think we're doing a test next week...I'll need to double check that with my guitar professor.

And then I've got Shamanism finals next Friday. I still need to finish writing up the essay for that...oh and I need to get my final project for English done, and it's due Monday....

Yeah, the joys of being a college kid. :P

Ok, I'll stop rambling now. G'night!

Monday, March 9, 2009

Snow, and English

A weird thing happened with my atomic clock. Well, it didn't set itself to daylight savings yesterday. So, I set the alarm to get me up with that in mind...and then it set itself to daylight savings in the middle of the night! So, it woke me up at like 7:30 instead of 8:30. :( I was not happy. So, I reset it to get me up at 9am. :P Whatever.

No, I don't think this is Loki playing with me. I seem to recall this particular alarm clock doing similar things in the past.

During that hour and a half after the alarm first went off, but before I started my day, it started snowing. I was quite surprised. I'd heard it was supposed to snow over the weekend...but it didn't. I hadn't heard it was supposed to snow today...but it has. Well, that's what the weathermen around here are like about snow! Apparently, compared to other places, this part of the country is really difficult when you're trying to figure out if it'll snow or not.

It's snowed on and off since then. It isn't sticking (much) but it's still beautiful. I love the snow. I hope it hangs around.

Today was my last English class. We did the "duct tape the teacher" thing again, which was fun. We'll e-mail our last assignment to our substitute this Wednesday, and then we'll show up with our final projects next Monday. Should be fun. :)

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kitty food

A while back one of our cats, Socks, had some teeth pulled. Poor kitty. For a little while after, he was on vet's orders to eat wet food. We figured that if we were feeding him wet food, we may as well also give wet food to our other two cats. This plan would have worked pretty well, except for one flaw: Socks doesn't like wet food very much.

Really, how many cats don't like wet food?? So, we went ahead and gave him the dry food. It couldn't have been the most comfortable thing in the world, considering that he'd just had some teeth pulled. But, it's what he insisted on eating, so, we gave it to him. Ever since then we've been giving the cats wet food every morning. Specifically, it's mostly been dad giving them the food. 

It's actually only one of the cats who's really been eating the wet food - Kokopelle. As I've already said, Socks isn't over fond of it. As for Saphira, she'll eat some of it, but she's not nearly so fond of it as Kokopelle. And the way Kokopelle goes after it, you'd think we had been starving him.

Kokopelle really gets excited about the food. Whenever dad goes up towards the front of the house, Kokopelle starts demanding it. Well, this might not be such a problem, except that dad has mobility problems, and Kokopelle is known to try to trip people to get their attention. This makes for a not too good situation.

So, the decision was made a few days ago to stop giving the cats wet food. Naturally, Kokopelle is not happy. He keeps pestering us for the wet food. You know, he honestly does get enough to eat. I mean, we have the dry food out for them all the time. But he's really letting us know that he really wants the wet food.

Trying to be optimistic, mom commented that he'll hopefully stop pestering us about it in about six months.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

School - OMG!!!!

Oh my gosh - next week is the last week of classes this term! How'd it sneak up on me??

It seems like I tend to get so focused on homework that I don't realize how close the end of term is. Either that, or I'm counting down the days and know exactly how long until finals.

...and I'm distracted from writing this by my mom watching Harry Potter in the other room. lol

So I'll just finish up by sharing what classes I'm taking next term: public speaking, math (*wince*), digital photography, and guitar again.

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

At the bus stop

Not too much exciting to report from today. Well, unless you count a car breaking down.

I was waiting at a bus stop, and there was this old car that broke down in the middle of the road. Not only that, but it was right up near the front of the left hand turn lane, in a fairly major intersection. Ouch. So, I got to watch cars do interesting dances around it, trying to get where they were going.

After a little while (my bus sorta took a while to show up...I think I'd gotten times mixed up...) some people who were evidently buddies of the poor woman in the car showed up. What did they do? As soon as the left turn light turned green, they pushed the car through the intersection, to where it was out of the way.

From there, I don't know what they did - they pushed it out of my sight. But I was impressed, seeing them push it. Sure, it was three strong men, but still.

Now, I probably need to get to chores. The dishes are waiting to be done, and the trash needs to be taken out. No point procrastinating any more, I guess. (Mom, if you're reading it, please disregard that last sentence.)

Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Wonderful ADHD

I have a school assignment that's due tomorrow. Unfortunately, I'm having trouble focusing on it. Yeah, it's one of those days when my ADHD is really making things tough. Agh. I'll manage, though, one way or another.

I've been using a particular trick to help me focus: audio books. Believe it or not, listening to an audio book I know inside and out actually helps me focus. I focus on reading or writing - whatever I'm doing for school - and catch snippets of the audio book. This will result in me laughing at odd times, when there's something amusing in the audio book. Of course, this particular trick can also backfire, and leave me hanging on every word of the audio book and not paying any attention to my schoolwork. Then, I have to pry myself away from the story, and find some other trick to use.

Today I've been listening to "Sabriel" by Garth Nix. I love his books! They are so fantastic. "Sabriel" is first in Nix's "Abhorsen" trilogy. If you haven't read it, you should. For ages I was checking out the audio books from the library to listen to. Then, mom gave me "Sabriel" for Christmas. :) Needless to say, I was very happy.

Ok, I should probably get back to schoolwork now. Agh. Sometimes I get really irritated with my ADHD. At least the schoolwork is on a topic I love. That may make things easier for me.

ps. Did you know that the spellchecker doesn't think that ADHD is a word?? Ok, so it's not exactly a word, but I'd still expect a spellchecker to recognize it.

pps. As of today, my Quote a Day blog has two followers other than my mom. Wow. Surprised me.

Monday, March 2, 2009

Strange clock phenomena

So, here's the thing with my wall clock: it's easy to set the time to exactly the right minute, but it's really tough to keep it that way as I put it up on the wall. So, I just know how much it's off by, and make allowances for that when I get the time from it. Recently it has been five minutes fast. Well, some interesting things have happened, which I wanted to share.

Friday afternoon: As I've said in another post, Pele announced her presence in my life.

Saturday morning: My clock was mysteriously right on time, all of a sudden.

Saturday evening: Loki leapt into my life. (I tried asking him to go away, but I think my efforts were counter-productive.)

Sunday morning: My clock was about an hour and a half late.

Sunday afternoon: I thought about changing the batteries, but decided against that course of action. So I simply reset the clock to the proper time.

This evening: It's still telling the proper time, and doesn't seem to need new batteries.

Make of this what you will. I know what I think. Ah - the joys that come of new deities jumping into one's life! I hope no more show up. If any do, I might begin having trouble keeping track of them! Not that I seem to have any say about whether new deities show up or not...

Spring and English

Today is the first day of Spring! I don't care if the calendar says the first day is sometime else - I woke up this morning and could just feel it. It's always amazing to feel the shift in seasons. Spring has begun. :) All the seasons are equally necessary, and important, but Spring is my absolute favorite. That, and early Fall.

Change of topic now...

The substitute in English introduced a "game" of hers today, which she calls "duck taping the teacher." No, we don't actually get to use duct tape on her. :( I'm still trying to work out why she calls it that.

"Duct taping the teacher" is when us students carry on a conversation about whatever story we're studying. She doesn't say anything at all, unless someone gets onto something brilliant, "and of course you will," she said, when explaining it to us. The only rule is that everyone has to contribute to the topic. And, you don't get out of having to participate by having not read the assigned reading. :P She was quick to point that out.

But don't think the substitute does nothing while we have this conversation. No, she doesn't run off and have her coffee break while we're talking. Even though she's silent (mostly) she is active. She makes a "map" of the conversation on the white board. It was really fascinating to see. She wound up with all kinds of words/phrases, with lines connecting them. I think it looked more like a web than a map, actually. Then again, maybe a web is a map. Hmm...