Monday, March 16, 2009

"I brake for squirrels"

You know what I think would be a great bumper sticker? "I brake for squirrels." I'd totally buy one! ...or rather, I'd persuade my parents to buy one and stick it on their car, since I don't have a car one of my own. 

I took mass transit to school today, as usual. At one point in a residential area the bus slowed and sort of swerved. Naturally I looked up to see what was going on - and saw that the cause of the maneuver was a squirrel. I like that bus driver. :D And I hope that squirrel learns not to run out in front of cars, because not all drivers as are as considerate of our little furry friends as that bus driver was today.

Now I'm sitting here looking at the word "squirrel." It looks so weird! But, I guess that if you stare at any word long enough it'll start looking weird.

Anyways, I finished up stuff for English class, and now I've only got Shamanism left to do. Oh, and I talked to the guitar professor and found out what my final grade is. It's one I really really really like, so I'm through with that this term; though of course I'll continue playing guitar throughout spring break. :)

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