Sunday, March 8, 2009

Kitty food

A while back one of our cats, Socks, had some teeth pulled. Poor kitty. For a little while after, he was on vet's orders to eat wet food. We figured that if we were feeding him wet food, we may as well also give wet food to our other two cats. This plan would have worked pretty well, except for one flaw: Socks doesn't like wet food very much.

Really, how many cats don't like wet food?? So, we went ahead and gave him the dry food. It couldn't have been the most comfortable thing in the world, considering that he'd just had some teeth pulled. But, it's what he insisted on eating, so, we gave it to him. Ever since then we've been giving the cats wet food every morning. Specifically, it's mostly been dad giving them the food. 

It's actually only one of the cats who's really been eating the wet food - Kokopelle. As I've already said, Socks isn't over fond of it. As for Saphira, she'll eat some of it, but she's not nearly so fond of it as Kokopelle. And the way Kokopelle goes after it, you'd think we had been starving him.

Kokopelle really gets excited about the food. Whenever dad goes up towards the front of the house, Kokopelle starts demanding it. Well, this might not be such a problem, except that dad has mobility problems, and Kokopelle is known to try to trip people to get their attention. This makes for a not too good situation.

So, the decision was made a few days ago to stop giving the cats wet food. Naturally, Kokopelle is not happy. He keeps pestering us for the wet food. You know, he honestly does get enough to eat. I mean, we have the dry food out for them all the time. But he's really letting us know that he really wants the wet food.

Trying to be optimistic, mom commented that he'll hopefully stop pestering us about it in about six months.

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