Friday, March 27, 2009

The library

How have I spent my spring break so far? Let's see...

Every weekday I have gotten up at 8am. At 9am (or shortly thereafter) I arrive at my local library, where I volunteered for two hours. Mostly I've pulled holds, but I also did some offloading whenever the holds were pulled and I still had some time left. After that I would go home, and often spend the time with my head stuck in a book. I am on my fourth book now, this week. :P

Yeah, not all that glamorous, but whatever. It's been fun. Well, except for getting up so early every day. But, I didn't want to sleep 'til noon every day this break, and I'm the kind of person who will sleep in to noon unless I have some place I've said I'll be. And, I like the library. So it seemed like a great place to spend my mornings.

Oh, and guess what I had the dubious delight of finding Monday morning? First of all, let me say this; I mend books, and have seen plenty of weird things that have been done to them. I've also seen the library's collection of horror books; these being books that are not necessarily scary stories, but books that are way past being salvageable, and are just in an unbelievable condition. But what I found on Monday morning? It took the cake.

Someone had smeared blood on the fly sheets. Seriously! They even wrote "blood" in blood, and then just in case no one could figure out what it was, they also used a marker to write "blood" and used an arrow indicating what they were talking about. Seriously, this is the most bizarre case I've ever seen. Luckily it'll be easily mended - the fly sheets can simply be torn out, and new fly sheets glued in. It's not even an unusual procedure, either. It's just routine.'s not usually blood on the fly sheets that make the procedure necessary.

There's been more to my spring break than the library; I also went to a PCC bookstore with Tall One to get textbooks, have been to Aikido, will go watch Tall One get tested in Aikido tomorrow, have hung out on the computer, played with my camera...but the library and my books have been pretty central.

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