Friday, March 13, 2009

My Birthday Presents (My Precious...)

Yesterday was my birthday!!! :D It was pretty good. The piano got tuned, I had homemade carrot cake (with heavenly icing), I got a new pair of earrings from Tall One, and a new digital camera from my parents! The earrings are really nice silver leaves, from a shop I love. I love getting new earrings. They always make great presents for me. :)

I've been wanting a new digital camera for a while. You see, my old one broke last summer. :( Mom had gotten a new camera, so I got her old one. :) But it didn't like me, and I had trouble using it. :( So, I let it be known that I wanted a camera - a good one. Then I signed up for a digital photography class next term, and said "Ok, I'm taking this class, and I would really love to have a good camera for it! Oh, and my birthday's coming up. So, are you gonna get me one?" Yep, I got one. :)

I've been having fun with it. Seriously, I spent a half hour playing with it in my back yard this afternoon. I would've spent more time with it, but the batteries died. As I took photos I did a little gardening. Like, when Blackberry let me know that some of the bad leaves needed to come off, I took care of that. Some dead parts of the strawberry vines needed to be removed. I removed dead bits from another plant, that was just begging me for help. And I used dirt from the compost pile to block up a hole under the fence that some kitties have been using to sneak up on the birds we feed.

I also played with my camera during lunch break today. Usually I hang out in the classroom after I've finished lunch, but this time I wandered around campus, taking photos. Really, really fun. =D

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