Saturday, March 21, 2009


Ostara went pretty well yesterday. :)

Firstly I had to give a presentation for Shamanism class, telling about my term project. That went pretty well, and I enjoyed seeing what everyone else did, too. 

I've got to admit, I didn't want it to be over, so I hung around on campus a little afterwards. I got my textbooks for next term (ouch - nearly a hundred bucks, not even including the textbooks for my class on the other campus!) and had lunch. I got one of my favorites, potato salad, and ate it outside. After that I finally came home.

I was actually pretty tired, so after I got home I just sort of hang out on the computer and didn't do much. Finally I decided to bake a cake to celebrate Ostara. Well, actually, I decided to make brownies first, but then found out that we didn't have brownie mix. But, we did have mix for chocolate cake, so I decided to fix that instead. It's even better than brownies. Yum. :) Oh, and I topped it off with vanilla icing. We did have chocolate icing, but I felt like doing the vanilla icing instead. Talk about yummy.

Oh, and mom asked me to fix some rice. She gave me some instructions for how to fix it in the microwave, and she said she'd do some more stuff to it when she got home. Why did she tell me how to do it in the microwave? She figured the instructions would be foolproof. You see, I'm good at cooking certain things, but I've always managed to mess up rice. Don't ask me how, I just do. Well, I misinterpreted some of her instructions, and did something weird with the rice. lol Oh well. It was still edible, and perfectly yummy, regardless. 

Then we made a fire (what's a Sabbat without a fire?) and mom put on "Much Ado About Nothing." My favorite character is Beatrice, I gotta say. :P

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