Monday, March 23, 2009

Reflections on death

As I said in my last post, my grandmother died yesterday.

At first I thought it was ironic, because this is the start of spring. To a Pagan (such as myself) this means a time of rebirth, and new beginnings. And for Catholics (she was Catholic) it will be Easter Sunday in exactly seven days after her death, which is a time of resurrection. So, I thought, it odd for her to die just as we are getting to the time of year that is all about new beginnings.

Yet, her death isn't really an ending, is it? It is the beginning of something else. As to exactly what that something else is, I don't know; but I can speculate.

I believe one of a number of things can happen after a persons death. Reincarnation is one possibility. Another is that they hang around here, as a ghost. I also believe that they just might go on to another "dimension," for lack of a better word. I'm also sure there are more possibilities that I haven't mentioned here. All of these are new beginnings.

As for grandma's Catholic beliefs; well, she believed in heaven, where she would be united with Jesus. That's a new beginning. Hmm, and according to Catholic belief, she alternatively could end up in hell. That'd also be a new beginning, though not a very nice one. I myself don't believe in hell (hey - I'm Pagan!) but I do happen to believe in Jesus. He's a nice guy, and I like him. :) I wouldn't be surprised if she's somewhere chatting with him right now. Hmm, maybe I should talk to Jesus myself and see if he can give me any news about her...

I don't know where she will end up, or exactly what will happen to her, but whatever happens - this is a new beginning for her.

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