Monday, March 2, 2009

Spring and English

Today is the first day of Spring! I don't care if the calendar says the first day is sometime else - I woke up this morning and could just feel it. It's always amazing to feel the shift in seasons. Spring has begun. :) All the seasons are equally necessary, and important, but Spring is my absolute favorite. That, and early Fall.

Change of topic now...

The substitute in English introduced a "game" of hers today, which she calls "duck taping the teacher." No, we don't actually get to use duct tape on her. :( I'm still trying to work out why she calls it that.

"Duct taping the teacher" is when us students carry on a conversation about whatever story we're studying. She doesn't say anything at all, unless someone gets onto something brilliant, "and of course you will," she said, when explaining it to us. The only rule is that everyone has to contribute to the topic. And, you don't get out of having to participate by having not read the assigned reading. :P She was quick to point that out.

But don't think the substitute does nothing while we have this conversation. No, she doesn't run off and have her coffee break while we're talking. Even though she's silent (mostly) she is active. She makes a "map" of the conversation on the white board. It was really fascinating to see. She wound up with all kinds of words/phrases, with lines connecting them. I think it looked more like a web than a map, actually. Then again, maybe a web is a map. Hmm...

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