Monday, March 2, 2009

Strange clock phenomena

So, here's the thing with my wall clock: it's easy to set the time to exactly the right minute, but it's really tough to keep it that way as I put it up on the wall. So, I just know how much it's off by, and make allowances for that when I get the time from it. Recently it has been five minutes fast. Well, some interesting things have happened, which I wanted to share.

Friday afternoon: As I've said in another post, Pele announced her presence in my life.

Saturday morning: My clock was mysteriously right on time, all of a sudden.

Saturday evening: Loki leapt into my life. (I tried asking him to go away, but I think my efforts were counter-productive.)

Sunday morning: My clock was about an hour and a half late.

Sunday afternoon: I thought about changing the batteries, but decided against that course of action. So I simply reset the clock to the proper time.

This evening: It's still telling the proper time, and doesn't seem to need new batteries.

Make of this what you will. I know what I think. Ah - the joys that come of new deities jumping into one's life! I hope no more show up. If any do, I might begin having trouble keeping track of them! Not that I seem to have any say about whether new deities show up or not...

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