Wednesday, March 11, 2009

This, that, whatever

Well I figured out what's going on with guitar. If we find out that we didn't do so well on our test today, we can try it again next week, and try to raise our grade. If we're happy with the grade we've got, though, we can choose to not show up. Nice. :) Oh, the professor's going to e-mail us on how we did, of course.

My parents recently ordered a lap top for Tall One, and it came in today. Naturally, he was quite excited. When he got home from school the first thing he did was set it up. 

Well, that's that, pretty much. There's not much else that I feel like writing about. Well, ok, so I guess I could complain about the European starlings that have shown up and are running off our song birds again...but I doubt anyone really wants to hear me grip about that. :P

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