Friday, April 10, 2009

Herb garden

Warning: If reading about gardening will bore you to death, you might want to skip this post.

Guess what I just discovered? Mint is an invasive species.

Thing is, I'd been afraid that the mint in my herb garden was pretty much dead. I have spearmint, which is by the sage, and peppermint, which is by the parsley. Well, they ran out runners, which I only discovered the other day. I discovered the spearmint first. It was going into an area where I'd removed a bunch of plants last fall. That was ok, and I was delighted it was actually doing quite well. Then, I noticed that it was getting into other herb's space. That was not ok. I need to deal with it soon. If not this evening, then during the weekend.

So, that's the spearmint. The peppermint, which is by the parsley? Yeah, it was invading the parsley's space. I discovered that when I was dealing with the problem of being too many parsley plants too close together, which was a situation I didn't quite catch onto when I was harvesting the parsley last weekend, but did finally figure it out this evening. So replanting them further apart, when I realized that the peppermint was invading their space. I dealt with the peppermint then and there, and will deal with the spearmint later.

I have dirt under my fingernails and the knees of my pants are wet. lol :D Gotta love gardening! And it's nice weather, too - all sunny, and perfect for a t-shirt. It was cold earlier today, but it's warmed up, which is nice.

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