Friday, April 24, 2009


Guess what I did this week? First, a bracelet of mine broke at school. It was a beaded bracelet, so I gathered up the beads with the intention of putting it back together again. And where did I stick the beads? In the back pocket of my blue jeans. I guess that wasn't too smart. You see, I forgot they were there, and the following day I did a load of laundry. Yep, they went through the washer, and the dryer. Oopsies.

I guess the upside is that the beads I managed to recover from the dryer are unquestionably clean.

There's not much else going on I feel like sharing, except that I'm sick. :( I'm not so sick that I can't go to school, but I'm feeling bad enough that running to catch the bus is not a good idea for me at the moment. Instead, I need to sedately walk to catch the bus, which is rather frustrating when I get out of the house late. I really hope I start feeling better soon.

ps. The spellchecker doesn't like "oopsies." lol

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