Saturday, April 18, 2009

A visit to the doctor's

Remember I mentioned in another post that I got referred to an ear nose and throat specialist? Well, I had that appointment yesterday.

First the doctor sprayed some numbing stuff into my nose. I guess that wasn't too bad, except for the part when it dripped down my throat. That felt weird, and it did not taste good. It also numbed that part of my throat. The numbing lasted only forty-five minutes, happily, and in retrospect I'd rather go through that again than get Novocain from the dentist.

I got a little more nervous when the doctor showed me this long small tube and told me he was going to use it to look up my nose. I mostly relaxed, though, when he told me that only about an inch of it would be in my nose, and that the rest was just for personal space. Even with the numbing stuff, I could feel it in my nose - the feelers (for lack of a better word coming to mind) in my nose may have been numbed, but as he told me, the pressure sensors weren't. It was weird.

In the end he told me everything looks pretty good, and that though he's a surgeon and likes doing surgery, he doesn't see the need for it unless I really want it. I don't want surgery. So, I'm happy. :)

Enough blogging now. I need to get back to looking up stuff on daguerreotypes for my photography class. We'll be using our digital cameras and photo shop to make images that look like daguerreotypes, and part of the assignment is to look at photos of them online to get an idea of what we're doing will look like. Talk about a fun assignment! :D

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