Saturday, May 9, 2009

Farmer's market

I went to a farmers market today with mom. It was super crowded, and I'm not overfond of crowds (just too much going on all at once!), but I still had fun.

Mom got some plants, and I also got some plants for my herb garden. I got another kind of sage, thyme, rosemary, and basil. Mom also got something that's going in dinner tonight, though I can't remember exactly what it is.

So I've spent about the last hour out in the backyard, gardening. First of all mom moved the mints out of my herb garden. She'd suggested that it would make an excellent ground cover elsewhere in the yard, and pointed out that moving it would give me more space in my little patch I've got. I happily said yes, and then kept reminding her about it until she moved it. I also replanted the parsley -- again. I am discovering just how big it gets, and they need more space. I still have four of the plants in my little patch, but I moved most of them elsewhere in the yard. My herbs are taking over! Bwahahaha!!! ...sorry, I just could not resist doing that evil laugh. :P

Tall One's also got his own little patch, where he's growing carrots and...he's doing something else, too, but I can't remember what now. I do know we've got pumpkins, and potatoes. The potatoes were my idea. They're my favorite veggie. :D Oh and mom got two strawberry plants today, which I planted with the rest of the strawberries that are already in the yard.

I love my garden. :)

In addition to plants, I also got a dragon at the market. It's a candle, and made out of beeswax. It smells wonderful. I cannot wait to see what it smells like when it's burning. I plan to light it later today, when I find a time that I feel like just hanging out in one room doing whatever, so I can fully enjoy it.

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