Tuesday, May 5, 2009

My hair is a menace

It's official. My hair is a menace. Hmm, maybe I should finally get around to getting that jade ring for it... Yeah, I'm a fan of Eoin Colfer's "Artemis Fowl" books. :D

So here's the deal. My hair is long. I mean really long. It's so long that I have recently, on more than one occasion, accidentally sat on it. I kid you not. For a while it stopped growing and stayed at being a little below my waist. Now it's below my hips, and is growing even longer. I have no idea how long it'll get before I give up and cut it. If I give up and cut it.

You're probably wondering why I refer to it as a menace. Tall One would be more than happy to tell you that when I used to keep it in a pony tail all the time I would accidentally (or sometimes not so accidentally) hit him with it. Now I tend to keep it in a knot and those days are (mostly) over. Now, the problem is in Aikido.

I suspect that having a knot in the back of my head would interfere with certain Aikido stuff, such as rolling. With that in mind, I've adopted French braids during all my Aikido lessons. That's worked beautifully, until this evening. This evening, one of my partners stepped on my braid.

It didn't hurt, actually. At first I thought he'd jokingly grabbed it, but when I asked "Did you grab my hair or step on it?" it turned out that he'd stepped on it. Uh oh. I decided to come up with a solution before the next class time. But then minutes later he stepped on it again, and I realized I needed to come up with a solution then and there. I stuck it down the back of my shirt, though it kept trying to come out. I'll have to come up with something better, but it worked for the rest of that class.

I don't know exactly what I'll do, but I suspect I'll sew something into the inside of my Aikido outfit that I can attach my hair to.

Ah, the joys of long hair! lol

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