Thursday, May 7, 2009


My latest photography assignment was to do a story in three photographs. I wanted to do a myth, and figured I may as well do one that parallels the Christ story to make sure that people would get it. I went with my first idea, which was the myth of Baldr. Like Jesus he's all wonderful, then dies, and is (or will be...) reborn. 

I got a guy friend of mine to be Baldr, and we headed off to a woody area last Sunday so I could get the photos. I'd also recruited my mom to be Hel (for the underworld scene, you know) and she was going to come with us, but at the last minute plans were changed. You may recall, my dad had been to ER the previous day. He wasn't doing well, and she wanted to stay home and look after him. So I photographed my friend that afternoon, and my mom that evening.

As it happened, none of the Hel photos made it into the final photos I used to tell the story. I tried, but they just somehow didn't look right. My poor mom. She had stood in the backyard, in the rain, barefoot, and in my dad's bathrobe, for nothing. She took the news pretty well, actually.

After we turn in the photos the class critiques them.  It's a great way to learn. The critique for this one was today, by the way. When we got to mine the class figured out the general plot, but they thought that Baldr was a saint. Ah well. Well, they got the general point of the story. :)

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