Sunday, May 17, 2009

Regional competition

This is an excerpt from my travel journal. There has been some minor editing for privacy's sake, and for grammar's sake. There's also more to it, but I don't feel like typing it all out all at once, so I'll do the rest in another post(s).

May 14th, 2009 Thursday 4:55pm
Columbia River Gorge

The knees of my jeans have grass stains. They got that way when I got down on my knees (and eventually my belly) to photograph some rodents at the rest stop.

Mom, Tall One, and I are on our way Spokane. We'll be attending the Sweet Adelines regional competition.

It feels so strange to not be bringing my makeup and a costume. But, I'm taking time off to focus on school, so of course I won't be on stage with my chorus...even though I'm going to regional.

We were listening to the audio book "The Restaurant at hte End of the Universe" by Douglas Adams for a while. Now we're listening to bagpipe music.

Later 10:37pm
Spokane, WA

Neither Tall One or I like the hotel. Mom doesn't seem as irritated as us, though.

I know I signed us up for a room with two beds, but we've only got one. We do have a couch which folds out into a bed, but Tall One says (and I shared his opinion, when out of curiosity I tried lying on it) that he'd rather sleep on the couch than it.

The sink is not in the bathroom. Not the first time I've seen this kind of arrangement, but I still don't like it.

Hotel aside, I think this will be a great weekend, and am excited.

Oh -- the doors of the closet in our room are full length mirrors. I do like that about our room. :)

May 15th, 2009 Friday 11:30
Spokane, WA

Tall One's practicing chanter. I offered to let him use the music stand I brought (I also brought my guitar) but he said no thanks. Turns out he wasn't using sheet music anyways.

I'm playing hooky today. I have a Friday class at PCC, but I'm skipping it to be here.

Guitar isn't the only homework (if guitar can be called that) that I brought. I also need to work on a speech for my public speaking class. I have to talk about an important person. We don't have to talk about an actual historical person (the professor used Luke Skywalker as an example of a non-historical person we can talk about :D) so I've settled on the Celtic mythical guy, Taliesin. He's the bard, so I guess it's kind of appropriate to write about him while I'm at a music convention. Not that I was thinking of that when I chose him...

Later 10:10pm

I think I watched Sweet Adelines history being made tonight.

The champion quartet is Paper Dolls, and their tenor is only seven years old! It is amazing. When I saw them in the competition the only criticism I had was that they were a little heavy on the tenor. That was my only criticism.

I cannot wait to see them on the international stage.

We went to Olive Garden for lunch. The waitresses were really helpful and helped me find vegetarian options. I was also drooling over a few things on the desert menu, but mom said we'd go back another time for desert.

We can't see it from our window, but our hotel is right on a river. It is amazing. It's fierce and raging, and awe inspiring.

I can't wait to see my chorus compete tomorrow. I want to see what they've been up to. And it's been wonderful, seeing my fellow chorus members around here.

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