Monday, May 4, 2009

Silly computer

I didn't mention in my last post -- my computer went down, during the thunder storm. Not because of the storm, though. I don't understand exactly why, though. When people start trying to explain technical computer stuff to me I don't tend to understand a word they say, even though I try to. So all I know is that I turned it off to protect it during the storm, and then it wouldn't start back up.

Fortunately Tall One still has his old computer, even though he virtually never uses it anymore. He much prefers his laptop. So I was able to steal his tower (I have a new word! Or a new definition for a word, anyways) while my computer was down.

Ok, I keep calling it "my" computer. Truth is, I share it with mom. But that's ok. Mom spends money on computers that belong entirely to Tall One, but she spends money in other ways on me. So, I'm fine with it. :)

I have my computer back now, happily. Mom bribed the computer guy where she works with donuts (or anyways, she said she would, and I assume she did) and got him to fix it for us. So, now it's working again. I am happy.

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Madam Lost said...

Today I brought computer guy a 1/2 dozen Krispy Creme donuts to take home after he ate the 1 I gave him to snack on. :-}