Saturday, May 23, 2009

Tall One's birthday

Today Tall One turned 18. So that's two adult "children" in this household. Wow.

He fixed his own birthday cake -- carrot cake with yummy icing. It's exactly what I got him to make for my last birthday. He's a good cook.

I got him a Realtime CD for his birthday. In fact, it's playing as I type this. We're both fans of that quartet, and actually saw them perform live once! They are fantastic, and I am still amazed at how their voices blend. They sing Barbershop, which as I've said before, is a style of music we love.

Our parents got him an iPhone for his birthday. He actually got it a few weeks ago, though, because mom wanted access to the GPS feature while on trips. But she didn't want him to have nothing from her and dad on his actual birthday, today, so he also got a gift card so that he could get apts for his iPhone.

This evening we played the card game hearts. Tall One won, mom came in second, and I lost miserably, as I usually do in that game.

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