Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Wrapping up regional

May 17th, 2009 9:58am
A highway in WA

Pride of Portland is the regional chorus champion, of course. :D

Oregon Spirit took second. I was amazed to see how good they are. They're the baby chorus, and this is only their second competition. If they keep up like this, they'll be giving Pride of Portland a run for their money! Pride of Portland hasn't had any real competition in this region. Might be good for them.

Anyways -- Oregon Spirit is now one of my favorite choruses.

The Show of Champions was fantastic, and our MC was hilarious. It started about a half hour late, though, because some people it couldn't start without were apparently across the street having dinner. But being Sweet Adelines we found ways to entertain ourselves. When we weren't chatting, we were singing.

It was during the wait that I got to really chat with other members of my chorus. They kept asking when I'll be singing with them again, and I kept telling them "I don't know." Right now I just need to focus on school.

Mom didn't go to the show of champions. She wanted to be well rested so we could leave early in the morning. [NOTE: Neither Tall One or I have even a learner's permit, so the driving is all up to her.]

I have to say -- I want coffee. Specifically, a pumpkin spice latte from Starbucks, though I doubt I'll get another one of those until about Samhain time.

I did have some coffee that we brewed in our hotel room, but I still managed to take a brief nap in the car.

Imagine. It's not even 10:30am, and I've already had a nap.

Mom said that the coffee in the hotel was not good, but I liked it. She says that's because I put so much chocolate milk in it. (I'd never tried chocolate milk in coffee before this trip, but I love it. Sugar needs to be added, also.) You see, mom and I have this disagreement. She says coffee should be drunk black, or not at all. (Yet she'll sometimes put stuff in it. Go figure.) I say it should never be drunk black. Black coffee certainly smells wonderful, but it tastes terrible.

Later 11:08am
Highway in WA

I haven't got Starbucks, but I did get coffee at a gas station. I got white chocolate cappuccino. It's ok, but I would prefer it a little less sweet.

I just realized something -- we didn't have any thunderstorms while we were in Spokane. When we had regional there three years ago, we had thunderstorms daily. What happened? I'd been looking forward to trying to photograph lightning.

We just crossed the border back into Oregon!

I have got to say, when my chorus took the stage at regional I just wanted to sing along with them. As I listened I was noting "Oh, they changed that! Ouch...didn't quite do that so well. I love this part that's coming up." Things like that. :)

I can't wait to rejoin them.

Later 12:31pm
Entering the Gorge

Mom made an observation: it is taking us as much time to drive home now as it took for us to fly to Hawai'i.

Again, later 1:54pm
Dalles, OR

For once I actually know where we are, while on the go.

We stopped by the "Stonehenge" for the heck of it, since it was right on our way anyways. I was actually more interested in the paths around it than in the monument itself. I'd love to actually explore them sometime.


And that's it! I guess I was sort of in a writing mood during the car ride back home. :P

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