Thursday, June 11, 2009


I auditioned for the music therapy program today. I sang "On My Own" a cappella, "Wouldn't it be Loverly" with an accompanist, and "May It Be" accompanying myself on the piano. Much to my surprise, they seemed to think that my piano skills were better than my singing skills, and suggested that I might want to make that my main instrument.

Truth is, I had been thinking about that. I can have problems with my throat getting tight, and in the spring I get allergies and it is sometimes difficult for me to sing at all. It's been a while since I have taken piano lessons or even really focused on the piano, and I'm still new to guitar, but one of them likely needs to become my main instrument. On the other hand, they also said that working with a vocal instructor may help me overcome some of the challenges I face. Hmm...I'll have to think on it.

I do want to mention, as I was waiting for the audition, and then after the audition, I met someone else who was also auditioning for the music therapy program. Perhaps we'll be taking classes together in the fall term. :)

After the audition, I was interviewed by a couple of people in charge of the music therapy program. Some questions I expected were not asked, and questions I had not expected were. One thing they asked was, "If it were recommended to you to receive therapy (or something along those lines) for yourself, how would you respond?" I answered that exactly my response would be would likely depend on the situation. However, I have been to a doctor before for my ADHD and it really helped, and if I needed to go to a therapist/doctor for something else I needed help on I certainly would.

After I mentioned the ADHD, they strongly recommended that I go to the ADA office. I'd never thought to go to them about my ADHD before, but both of those interviewing me told me that it would be really good for me to let them know about my ADHD. That way, the ADA can let my professors know about anything I might do in class to help me focus, such as sewing, so that the professor doesn't get irritated with me for it.

And since this is Pagan Values Month, I do want to add that I was sending little prayers to Taliesin along the way. After all, he is the Celtic bard. It seems apt to turn to him for help with anything musical. :)

By the way -- I ran into my adviser afterwards. Guess what she told me? She discovered this blog and shared it with a few others. Apparently I have some kind of fan base over at Marylhurst university. So, hello y'all! I hope you enjoy this blog! :D

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