Tuesday, June 2, 2009


This is my first post in Pagan Values Month. On one hand I wanted to talk about Pagan stuff, on the other hand I wanted to talk about what I did today. Then I realized, why not combine the two???

It turns out that the things I want to talk about are relevant to Brighid, my favorite goddess. It's difficult to sum her up, but I will make an attempt to do so. She is a goddess of healing in general, including some specific stuff such as childbirth. She is a goddess of smith craft, which also encompasses fire (oh yes, she's a fire goddess!) and other stuff I think. (Fire is not my forte, so I don't pay much attention to that side of her. I probably should...) And, she is the goddess of inspiration -- music and poetry, in a nutshell. (There's more to it, I think, but I don't know what to say.)

One thing that I wanted to share is that I donated blood today. I was so nervous. But I wanted to help, so I got through the nervousness and didn't chicken out. I get quite some satisfaction from knowing that my donation can help save lives. This totally fits into devotion to Brighid (except that I wonder if I should use the word "devotion," since she's not actually my matron goddess...) since she is a goddess of healing. (But she is my favorite goddess, so why not be devoted to her?) (Oh, because I don't consider myself "devoted" to my matron goddess?) (Hey, Pele chose me, not the other way around!) (Ok, I'll stop arguing with myself now.)

Also, this evening, I went to Tall One's piano recital. This again totally fits into "devotion" (or whatever word is most appropriate) to Brighid, since she is a deity of inspiration. :)

Ok, it's late, I need my sleep. Please forgive any grammar errors and other weird stuff...I'll try to be more awake during my next post!

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