Monday, June 15, 2009


This morning I was volunteering at my local library, and I got one heck of a nice surprise: there were kitties!

You see, one of the volunteers at the library fosters cats. He sometimes brings them in, and this is the second time I've been lucky enough to be there on such an occasion. The two he brought in today were adorable kittens, are litter mates, and we're certain that they're part Siamese. One already has what looks like Siamese points. The other has a crooked tail, which the guy told me isn't uncommon in Siamese cats.

I hadn't known that crooked tails aren't unusual Siamese cats, and I've been around the breed my whole life. Then again, it's only two Siamese cats I've really been around, and it just happened that neither of them were born with a crooked tail. Hmm. Live and learn! :D

I really want to foster cats someday. I love cats (kittens and big kitties!), I know there's a need, and I want to help. Not now, though -- I need to focus on school. Even if it weren't for that, we already have three cats in the house. I'm not sure if we could handle more, even if each additional cat were only temporary! So, that's something to look forward to doing when I get out of school, move out of my parent's house, and get settled down in my own place.

ps. Did you know that "cats" is an anagram for "cast"? lol Silly dyslexia. It can be annoying, but it does help me find anagrams. :P

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