Sunday, June 28, 2009

Edit and henna

Ok, I chatted with my mom and let me make an admendment to what I said on the last post: I was not born in a Protestant hospital, but my birth state (Louisiana) was highly populated by Catholics. That means that there's a good chance one of the nurses was Catholic, and may have baptized me Catholic.

I don't know how I managed to fit Protestants into the picture. Maybe because my mom was raised Protestant down south? Dunno...

Anyways, I had a request to share photos of my sparkly henna, so here they are:

The glitter only lasted until I took the paste off, but that was fine. It was cool while it lasted. :) I had never heard of using glitter like that before. I rather like it. I think I'll have to do it next time I do my own henna!

Oh, and I made a discovery -- it's hard to photograph your own arm!


WarriorPrincessDanu said...

Well, it may be hard to photograph your own arm, but you seemed to do an amazing job of it. I thought those pictures were professional!

Sarita said...

Why thank you. :) My secret to great photographs is lots of practice, and to takes LOTS of photos of something I want a nice photo of. For every nice photo I've probably taken at LEAST ten bad ones. it's not a secret anymore! :P

Sometimes it's pure dumb luck. The second photo was totally not what I was trying for, but when I saw it I liked it.