Sunday, June 21, 2009

Father's Day and Litha

Two cool days rolled into one! Father's day, and Litha.

I'm usually clueless about what to give dad on occasions like this. But after running to mommy for help (which is what usually happens when I need to give a present to my dad) I came up with something all by myself: a book of my poetry.

I started off looking through my poems, to find some that could go in this book for him. I chose a variety of poems, some of which I had really put some work into, and others that I hadn't really put any work at all into but which I thought he'd like anyways. I also had a laugh at my attempts at love poems. To date, I have one love poem that I think is good -- all the others, even I find laughable. No, I did not put any of them into this book for him.

Next I had to put the book together. I know how to bind a book, and I have the materials to do so, but I didn't have the time. Still, I think he's just as happy with the simple book that's stapled together as he would have been with a properly binded book. :) I also included a few photographs of mine that complemented the poems included.

As I said, today is two days rolled into one. I've talked about father's day, now I'll talk about Litha. :)

Litha is the summer solstice, and is a Pagan holiday. We aren't really doing much for it. Truthfully, it seems to have sort of gotten lost in father's day. I did make a nice fruit salad using strawberries from our own backyard...and that seemed to get lost in father's day. *sigh* Ah well. Well, there's still the whole evening left to celebrate Litha! So we'll see what I can think up. :P Correction: We'll see what I can think up and still get to bed at a reasonable time, since I start summer school tomorrow. Yikes!

ps. The spellchecker doesn't like Litha. >.<

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