Thursday, June 25, 2009

I'm waiting...

Ok, interesting situation -- there's a Highland Games in Canada this weekend, which of course my mom and brother are going to. However, it's sort of iffy if I'm going. You see, I sort of procrastinated applying for my passport (the whole thing was sort of intimidating, I admit) and it hasn't come in in the mail yet. So, I figured I simply wasn't going.

Mom and Tall One were going to leave at about ten tomorrow morning. However, the mail comes in about noon-ish, so they decided to delay leaving in the hopes that the passport will come in tomorrow. Hopefully it will. If it does, I likely won't waste time blogging. Not that I consider blogging a waste of time. It's just I'll probably have better things to do than blogging, like packing, if the passport does come in.

If the passport doesn't come in, I'll probably write a blog agonizing about it. Well, ok, probably not. But I will likely blog tomorrow or sometime over the weekend if I'm still in town.

So if you hear from me, I'm in town. If not, I'll be out of town.

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